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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski *A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review*

Now, as I'm finished with this book, I can't tell you how much I loved this pretty and how frustrated I am with myself that I didn't read it sooner. I've been having terrible luck with my previous books and the few books I read right after The Edge of Never haven't been that great either so this baby stands out like a bright star among the others. I don't even know how to begin to write a review for all the amazingness this book held in its gorgeous words and one of the best, if not THE best, road trips. It was truly amazing!

“Just because one person's problem is less traumatic than another's doesn't mean they're required to hurt less”

The story. Camryn (love love love that name--original and doesn't get lost in the sea of all the names for different MC-s) has recently lost her boyfriend in a car accident. Her brother serves time in jail for killing a person with drunk-driving and her parents have divorced. You can say that life is definitely not the same for her. Soon she gets into a fight with her best friend and since there's nothing left for her, she grabs her backpack and gets on a bus to nowhere. During her busride to the destination of self-searching, she meets a stranger who pushes her buttons. Andrew Parrish is a gorgeous guy with so much life hidden behind his humorous, rough and snarky shield. They become unlikely allies on the road and friendship, love and heartache are in store for them as well as us.

My thoughts. What I loved about this story the most was that it wasn't rushed. Everything happened when it was supposed to happen and it all felt so real and relatable thanks to that. It was such a refreshing book. We don't meet Andrew right away and it's a pretty long wait at that, however, we do get to spend time with Camryn and get to know her pretty well. She doesn't have any mysteries regarding her relationship with the readers. Everything's out there on the table and maybe even more refreshing and better due to it. We do have dual point of view, but there isn't Andrew's voice as much as Camryn's and I found it good because I wasn't expecting the ending AT ALL!!!! I was thoroughly surprised and taken aback and that's the reason it felt so raw and why my heart hurt so much.

I liked how the relationship between Camryn and Andrew was slow-burn. They get to know each other carefully, but step by step the walls come down and the wounds start to heal. Music has a special place in this book and I liked it a lot. Music means everything to me. When I dance, think, rest--whatever I do, I have music with me almost always. It's a huge part of my life. I adored how Andrew helped Camryn face her fears and reach for her dreams and vice versa. I also loved the road trip. It was so enjoyable and made me want to drop everything and go on the road now. We have a great cast of secondary characters as well who all have their own stories.

I absolutely LOVED this book. It was such a rush of emotions and I ugly-cried a bunch when the secret was revealed. I didn't see it coming and it was.. Oh boy, I feel my throat closing right now. It'll take me forever to get over that if ever. I cannot wait for the sequel. It could have worked perfectly as a stand-alone, but you won't hear me complaining about The Edge of Always. It will be perfect. Just like this pretty was. I know it! I can't believe I put this off so long. I'll purchase the paperback for sure, because it's just one of those books you want to re-read time and time again. The Edge of Never amazing, emotional and foremost inspirational.

Btw, lollllls.. I got a review copy from Netgalley, but then I discovered that I owned a kindle copy already. Oh well :D

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OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

In addition to it being one of my most anticipated books of 2013, it was my first request on Edelweiss and I got approved. Whohoo!! (Thank you, Simon Pulse.) I was super stoked to get my hand dirty so to speak and dive into the unknown since I have heard of OCD and I know the basics, but not the details and to be inside someone's head who has obsessive compulsive disorder was a truly intirguing idea.

I can't trap the words before they come out. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I suffer from some sort of Tourette's-autism hybrid, but Dr. Pat insists I can control the impulse to say whatever pops into my head. That it's, like, a defensive mechanism, not a biological imperative. Therapists think everyone is a defence mechanism. Just me thinking that in my head, right now, is a defence mechanism. (page 30 of the arc.)

The story. Bea is our main character and she attends this dance between two schools and suddenly the power goes out. She hears a guy having a panic attack and goes to help him since she's familiar with the case. They kind of bond through that experience and Bea does something a little reckless. A little later on in the novel they meet in group therapy and it turnes out that Beck isn't that normal either. Bea has serious issues, which she doesn't realize at first. She has OCD and this is her story.

My thoughts. I liked Bea as a character. She's such a conflict for me as a peronality since I could not decide if I really loved her or was completely disturbed by her. I think it was a little bit of both. Her thoughts were all over the place to the point where these tiny little details meant everything to her and she really did suffer under these compulsions that Dr. Pat--her therapist--talked about in their group sessions. At first I didn't realize that the other kids who attended these group therapy sessions had just as strong if not stronger compulsions themselves, but as the novel progressed, we got to see different sides of obsessive compulsion disorder and it was kind of an eye-opening experience for me.

I really enjoyed the love story between Beck and Bea. While Bea is more under the compulsion of people and dreaming, Beck is a guy who is obsessed with the number 8. For instance, there was this one part where he needed to take a shower, he wanted to pull it off with 8 minutes, but didn't make it, so 88 minutes it was. He is a gym-a-holic and an obsessive hand washer. These two shouldn't really work, but they do. The attraction between the two is there from page one as you can imagine.

It wasn't only about the romance though. OCD Love Story was also a book that shows us how this disease affects family relationships, friendships, one's life in general and even strangers. I enjoyed all of the characters in this book. It wasn't a light read by any means, it gives you this disturbed feeling throughout the entire book and that's okay because it is meant to portray the hard parts of a person suffering from OCD. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, no. I think these people are interesting and if they want, they can take on any task they set themselves up for and this novel portrays it beautifully.

The final verdict is that I adored this book even if being in Bea's head was at times awkward and really disturbing. She was also a fun character to spend time with and she cracked me up quite a bit. I have never read anything like this and I enjoyed that it was written from first person point of view since it gave us an intimate relationship with Bea and we saw firsthand how OCD affects a person and the people surrounding one. I definitely recommend this book to all of you who are the tiniest bit interested. Even if you end up disliking it, it's a book you will most certainly not forget.

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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout Ohhhkay. Let me get this straight: I KNOW there are people out there who absolutely loved this book and I am sorry for what I am about to say. It's solely my opinion, it doesn't have to match yours. I am glad that you were able to enjoy something by Jennifer since she is a kick-a author. For me, unfortunately, this was the weakest I have read by Jennifer. Let me tell you why.

“How much snow are they calling for?” “Somewhere between a lot and holy fuck.”

The story. Sydney has been in love with her best friend Kyler forever. Kyler is by any means a man-whore with no dignity. He is cocky and doesn't realize that Sydney wants him more than a friend. They go up to the mountains to spend a weekend skiing with their friends just like every year, however, this year is going to be different. There's a huge snow storm and only these two end up in this frigid house with their past mistakes haunting them and it seems like someone else is out to get them as well.

My thoughts. Maybe if there would have been more Kyler's point of view, I would have understood him more, but no. I just found him to be a jerk who had redeemable qualities, but he didn't redeem his behaviour to me by any means. He was like an imperfect Daemon Black 2.0. He was constantly with other girls, but god forbid that Syd gets a guy. He went bonkers and got out of his way to keep her away from any potential love interest. Look, I like Jen's writing, I do, but all of her books and characters are starting to melt together for me to the point where I don't separate Seth, Daemon and Kyler from each other and the same goes for Katy, Avery and Sydney. There are more examples, but they're all basically the same. Seth may not ever get the girl, but the rest of the ones I brought up: a nerdy, cute, avarage girl getting it on with a cocky, charismatic, hot guy. You see a trend here? Because I do.

I thought the plot sounded interesting and enjoyable, but it turned out to be poorly executed. In my eyes only, of course. I know that Jen's capable of so much more and this was just.. blahhh. I found Sydney to be so annoying. She needed saving every step of the way. She spent time laying on the ground or getting hurt other ways and getting hit or falling more than I could count. She is the definition of a clutz. Also, she just kept pining and whining and going on and on and on about Kyler. I grew tired of that by the 5th chapter if not sooner. Kyler was just all-out annoying for me. 'nuff said. And let's not even start about the whole 'someone is out to get us murdered' storyline. What. In. The. World. I guessed who was behind it as soon as they started talking about it. I mean, come on! Really? Really? *rolls eyes* Oh, and the first half of the books was spent on building up anticipation and when it finally happened, it was sex for at least 4 chapters straight. That was too much, I'm telling you. I just skipped that part after reading the first sex chapter. Wayyyy too much!

The best part of the novel was the tree climbing scene. I wish that their best friends would have been more in the picture. Right now I can't remember their names. Was the guy Trevor? I may be wrong. Anyhow, if you've read this one, you know who I'm talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed their relationship and I wish there would have been more scenes including them, them starting a relationship storyline etc. I also enjoyed that the MCs weren't damaged. That's refreshing.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with this rant, but I just couldn't hold it in me. I didn't enjoy this one. It isn't the worst book I've read, but it was the worst by Jen that I've read. She didn't wow me this time even though I was ready to be blown away. I can totally see what people like in this book, but I'm getting tiresome of the same guys and girls playing the main role and in my eyes, the story wasn't that well executed. I'm not giving up on Jen with this book. She's still a rockstar author and I'm looking forward to reading something else by her.

A question to the big circle: don't you think this would have worked better as a Christmas/winter read as opposed to being published in mid July *__*
Hot on Her Heels - Susan Mallery Such a sweet story. I love these kind of books. There's a thin line between love and hate and Susan Mallery is perfect in creating these stories. I loved both Garth and Dana. My favorite out of all the books in this series is probably Nick and Izzy's story, but this one came pretty close. Garth was a fantastic love interest and Dana a very rational, loveable MC. If you need a fun, sweet story with a touch of mystery and crime, pick this up!
Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn *A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review*

I remember reading Charade when it has less than a thousand ratings on Goodreads and look where this story has taken itself to! A huge deal with Hachette and mouth-to-mouth word about Nyrae and her talent. I'm so happy for her since she's an incredible author. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to read Facade since I've been waiting for this pretty forever. Adrian was one of my favorite characters in book 1 and his story touched me in ways I didn't expect.

“Your heart beats so strong, I feel it against my chest. You make mine want to catch up, to match the rhythm.”

The story. Adrian is the kind of guy who, at first sight, seems careless, a typical party-boy who is always high. We saw that he has a sweet, caring side, but its hidden behind a facade. He carries a secret with him that explains all of his behaviour and this is where Delaney comes into play--she's connected to this crushing secret that's destroying Adrian every day more and more. The thing is thoug, Adrian doesn't know Delaney's involvement and it may very well be the thing that destroys any chance they have as a couple.

My thoughts. Adrian--my poor baby! I loved him so much in Charade and it pained me to see him waste away his life by being high all the darn time. Having these stupid parties and being with girls, but having incredible pain behind his eyes. I loved his bromance with Colt. I had no idea hidden behind his mask was unimaginable pain. I really thought I had it all figured out since Laney tells us her version of the story, but I couldn't have been a bigger fool! It turned out to be bigger than anything I imagined. It broke my heart and ugly-crying was involved in the healing process.

I liked their sweet, light romance which was actually a beginning of a really deep connection neither of them was expecting. I liked how Laney made Adrian work for her attention and time even though she wanted desperately to meet him, tell him how sorry she is for what kind of pain her family has caused him. It broke my heart to watch them open up and make their woonds worse, but I understand that it was necessary in order for them to heal which was beautiful to watch. The thing that maybe bothered me, was that the writing, while strong in general, for me Adrian's point of view was a little too similar to Colt's. It's probably just me though.

However much I loved Adrian's story, I liked Colt and Chey's more and I have to stay true to myself so the rating is as it is. 4 stars doesn't take away the meaning and amazingness that is this story which was absolutely stunning and painful. I know that Nyrae loves happy endings so I had no doubt that Adrian and Delaney would find their way to each other. I advise you to pick up Charade asap and if you've already read it, give Adrian's book a try. It was gorgeously haunting!

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Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles I have never read a romance book written by a male species representative. Haha, that sounded weird. Ok, I haven’t read a romance novel by a male author and boy was I ever surprised at how Mr. Sheehan-Miles pulled at my heart-strings and twisted them throughout the novel. I sure want to read the rest of the books in this series after having a good experience with Just Remember to Breathe.

“When I'm ninety, I want you to tell me that it's my turn to ask you a question, and if that miracle happens, then my question is going to be, 'Do you still love me?' and I hope that answer will still be yes.”

The story. We have a dual POV book with Dylan and Alex as our MC-s. Dylan is a young injured war veteran and Alex is his ex-girlfriend. These two are bound to meet again since they both attend Columbia University in NYC. Forced to work together on a project, they set rules to not talk about the past. Too bad neither of them can hold off too long and soon their past will come to haunt them in the most cruciating ways.

My thoughts. We, readers, get the story as they tell it to us, but Dylan and Alex’s feelings stay hidden from each other for quite some time. What bothered me the most was that in the beginning there was so much telling rather than showing and we get most of the story right away as they both explain it to us. It didn’t keep me from getting invested in their story though. I have met only one person in my life who has gone to war. I know it’s a big issue to people from the states and perhaps it’s an even more emotional read to people who have been through similar situations even as a by-stander. At first it was hard for me to get an understanding of who the MC-s were as persons, but as the novel progressed, they grew on me.

I especially enjoyed the side characters such as Kelly, Alex’s sisters and Dylan’s friend Sherman. Throughout the book we get to know them pretty well and I came to care about their storylines. Luckily Alex's sisters get their own companion novels. Nevertheless, the main focus is always on Dylan and Alex who are struggling to cope with their explosive break-up when he was in war and try to move on from the hurtful past. There are other storylines in addition to their romance, such as Dylan’s guilt over his dead friend, Alex’s crazy-strict and rule-following parents, a guy who wants to get some with Alex and stops at nothing to get what he wants.

You know, I have had this book for such a long time. I don’t think it was the strongest New Adult book I have ever read, but it made me care and it definitely won’t be the last book I’ll read by Charles. I’ll get to the other two Thompson sisters’ stories soon and hopefully they’re just as good if not better. I shed quite a few tears during this story and the ending couldn’t have been any more perfect. You hear me? P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!! I think this novel is worth exploring. You would be surprised at how a man can write such a good romance novel of second chances. Read on!

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The Lies We Tell - Elizabeth Dunk *An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review*

Snagged it from Netgalley and was excited to dig into an Aussie novel. I don't remember when was the last time I read something by an Australian author. About a year ago, perhaps? I was extremely pumped for this story since the synopsis sounded awesome and come on! These are the type of stories I like when it comes to romance novels.

"Todd." Paul touched his arm. Todd shook it away. "Bro, it was ten years ago. You've got to get over it."
"Not until Sia Collins suffers the way I have."
It was a vow.

The story. Sia is a young artist who has plead guilty to a crime she didn't commit. Why did she do that? Oh, let's see.. She was trying to protect her awful father. Tod was a friend of Sia's 10 years ago and they even had a hint of a romance between them. When Tod's dad died, he though it was because of what Sia did. The crime she didn't commit. Only Tod doesn't know she wasn't at fault in any of this so he begins to hate her and the hate hasn't gone anywhere when he returns to take care of his sick mother and their paths cross again.

My thoughts. Sia and Tod as characters were good and I enjoyed wtaching both of them grow. What I liked best in this story were the side characters--Sia's friends who were adorable and just the kind of friends everyone would love to have. Sia's dad was so intolerateable that I wanted to puke every time he came up. He beat Sia, bullied her verbally, was drunk most of the time throughout the novel and had 3 kids in addition to Sia who she had to raise. He even tried to sabotage her career by trying to set fire on her paitings. He was disgusting as a father figure and as a human being. Props for Ms. Dunk for making me loathe a character that much. I also liked the dual POV a lot.

What I didn't enjoy was how everything felt rushed. I think it was in ch. 3 when Tod realized the mistake he had done by accusing Sia in everything and the story got off to fast-speeding through the plot. I didn't have time to connect with the characters. I'm the first one to admit that fast-paced stories are good and I enjoy them, but sometimes slow build makes me care more. Some of the revelations didn't exactly make sense to me either, although I was taken aback by some of them. Oh, and the smexy scenes were hawwwttt!!! ;-)

All in all, it's a decent book with some flaws, but they can be easily repaired in future books by Elizabeth. I felt the potential she has in her as a writer and I will definitely pick up something more by her in the future. Her characters are imperfect, but redeemable, and the storyline kept surprising me. It's sad that I wasn't able to connect more with the characters, but better luck next time!
Significance - Shelly Crane Everyone loves this series and I feel like it's about time I gave it a try. The first book is free on Amazon and Kobo. Should be on B&N as well, but I don't know why it doesn't show me that it actually is. It's free for a limited time only, GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN! I hear it's worth it.
Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter Buying the combined edition of the first two books couldn't have worked out better for me. Not only was it a cheap deal via The Book Depository, it was also a pretty kick-a book with enjoyable characters and an awesome world of supernatural beings.

"Our heats want the good to win. We're still afraid, we still make mistakes, but if we listen to what our hearts want, we will find the right way"

The story. The book kicks off with Kylee's dad moving out of their house. We learn that she's a daddy's girl and has recently lost her beloved grandmother. Her mom is described as an ice queen with the personality of a stick. She sends Kylee off to a camp that supposedly deals with troubled teens after her daughter gets caught in a raid at a party where there are drugs and alcohol in possession of teenagers. When she reaches the camp, she realizes it's full of freaks who claim to have supernatural blood in them. Kylee has a tough time navigating between this new world, her family drama, two hot guys and an ex-boyfriend, and searching for herself. Oh, and enter criminal activity among these weird creatures. Sounds like summer is about to be great for our heroine.

My thoughts. I had no idea this'd be so much fun. I have enjoyed very few werewolf books. This one wasn't only wolves though--we have vampires, faeries, wtches and even ghostwhisperers. Everyone kept talking about this awesome cast of characters, fun plot and two very, very great love interest (#teamLucas). Now I know what they were talking about! I enjoyed Kylee's relationship with camp's head Holiday and her roommates Della and Miranda. Kylee's sarcasm and snarky attitude were hilarious and she does everything with her heart in the right place. I liked how she didn't back down from a challenge and took selfless actions in order to provide the safety of her friends. We also get to some development of the side characters which was nice. My favorite relationship was Burnett and Holiday. I have a feeling we'll see more of them in the future. Their chemistry was sizzling and fun!

I liked most of what was going on in this book, but what I didn't enjoy was Kylee's constant 'omg, he's so hot and i want to kiss him' thoughts regarding Derek and Lucas. Also, I bet it's hard to accept one's supernatural roots, but she was more excited about having a tumour than being supernatural. Are you for real? I'd pick being supernatural any day of the week instead of a tumor. If one were to have a tumour, one's brain wouldn't have the pattern of a natural human being. She was unique and none of the other supernaturals couldn't read her pattern nor her mind and that caused a lot of fuss over her inheritance which I think will be revealed as the series progresses as we don't get a clear answer about her supernatural being.

I'm glad I gave this series a try since it turned out to be fun, exciting, surprising and original. I had no idea what I was missing out on. Kylee as a heroine is somewhat frustrating at times with her head between the three guys who want her bad, but you know what? It was still a hilarious adventure and overall Kylee is a strong, selfless main character and I wouldn't mind reading the rest of the series asap. Luckily, thanks to that combined edition, I already own book #2 and now I'm just going to have to wait to pick it out of those paper slips I did to pick my next read randomly. Oh, and it's likely one of those books that is better when you re-read it. I hope you guys liked it or give it a chance when you're in need of a fun, sassy paranormal read.

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Breach - K.I. Lynn Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Saw this tagged as adult and erotica on Goodreads and it pushed me away. I enojy adult literature, but erotica not so much. I need more in my stories than just steamy scenes. When I stumbled upon a few reviews that claimed to be heartbroken about the main characters, I was instantly intrigued because so many of my Goodreads friends were adding Breach to their shelves. Plus, who can turn away from a pretty cover ;)

The night after we left the club made me face that fact. How I thought and felt about him changed; he wasn't the asshole I thought he was when I first met him. He was a broken man, and it made me wonder--can two broken souls make one whole person?

The story. We have Delilah as our main character. She's suffered from bullying by her own family. Her dad hated her, so did her stepmom and -brother. They caused her emotional scars that she can't seem to heal in any way. Enter Nathan. He created quite a show with his great looks in their office and gets his very own fanclub among the ladies working there. The only one who isn't showing her cleavage or acting like a love-sick fool is Delilah. After a long night at the office, they get the kinky on and so it begins. It's only a matter of time before someone finds out and the both of them lose their jobs, or worse, they get emotionally attached.

My thoughts. The first part of the book was more of an erotic story fulfilling Delilah's fantasies of being man-handled by a rough, intense guy. Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but definitely to rough for my taste. She had bruises and bites all over her. He had them, too. Their kinky was intense! However, after the first half, it became an emotional story. I would have never guessed that I'd cry over this book. At one point it became too much. I enjoyed their chemistry, notes, texts. I liked how Nathan gave Delilah something she'd never had before and healed her emotional wounds. Until.. It all came crushing down.

You see, Nate has his own demons. We know this from the first moment they meet. However, we don't know everything until before something terrible happens. It was hard to breathe when I found out his secret and everything that happened after that.. I was a mess of tears and heartache. For both of them. Do I agree that this is a normal relationship? NO!!!! I hate how physically abusing it was. I didn't like how Nate was mentally abusing with his words when they had sex, but Delilah wasn't put off by it and was rather the opposite of put off, so I guess that's OK? I don't know.. Whatever floats one's boat, right? They're so broken that it doesn't seem right that two so broken people can make one whole. They do! I was so surprised by how they completed each other. I have a love-hate relationship with Nate. The fact that he was able to build Delilah's confidence, help her with her demons and heal her was beyond amazing, however, what he did was just.. cruel. I hate him for it.

All in all, it was a surprise for me. I had no idea it would turn out like this and how emotionally invested I would get. This book blew me away with its raw hurt and the emotions came to me with a vengeance. I am so looking forward to the sequel. I need to know what happens. It's not even about want anymore, it's about need. As much as I enjoyed this book, I can't give it that many stars stars. I don't agree with the realationship they were in even if it was consensuous. Plus, the erotica part didn't appeal to me that much either, I wish there would have been less of that and more of the emotional journey these two were on. Anyhow, it's definitely worth exploring. I can tell you right off the bat that this isn't for everyone. You will have hate and maybe even love towards this book as did I, but I can guarantee you that you will have emotions. It's just that kind of a book.

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Elite (Eagle Elite, #1) - Rachel Van Dyken *A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review*

I'm not a huge fan of surprises unless they're good so I think you get why I didn't have a lovely, friendly, adorable relationship with this book. It wasn't at all what I expected and I am sorry if some of you enjoyed this book, what comes next is solely my opinion and we're all different. Whatever floats your boat, dude! This pretty, unfortunately, did nothing for me.

When I met Nixon I had no idea what life had in store for me. In my wildest dreams, I could have never imagined this.

The story. So we have this weird, weird school where all the influential kids attend and Tracey, being a cow-loving farm girl (seriously, she loved her cows more than herself) with a scolarship, wasn't an insider. She was an outsider intruding in and it did not suit well for the Elite. The four guys, along with Nixon--Tracey's love interest--run the school and organize everything: lunch schedules, give elevator passes, choose who's at the top of the food chain in the school etc. They are the Elect. They also bully people both physically and emotionally. Also, Nixon owns the school and if a teacher sees bullying, they don't even blink an eye. 'Hello Mr. Nixon' is all they say, smile and walk away.

My thoughts. Ok, so here's the thing. I'm not going to lie, I'm tired of the same old formula where the main characters have dark pasts and they need this other half who completes them and gives a meaning to their lives and helps one surpass one's past etc. Does it happen in life? I believe so, but it's getting tiresome. Mad props for Rachel for trying to pull off something different. However, sadly this isn't the only aspect I'm looking for in books, I need more. The whole plot was just plain confusing. The first half of it on my part was spent on thoughts like 'wtf is going on' and 'stand the eff up for yourself' and the latter half was where the first part was explained, but it wasn't enough of an explanation for me.

The MC.. Where do I even start with her? She was a clutz who didn't stand up for herself. When she tried, she got to starr in this huge bullying scheme where she was drugged, labeled as a slut, didn't get to eat, got thrown with eggs and sugar water etc. Oh, and she cried about every single thing. In public, by the way. I don't get why she didn't leave the school. You're bullied that heavily in college. The whole time she had a crush on the guy who ran the school and was the head of the Elect who bullied her. He was bullying her to supposedly protect her and as it turned out later on, he had every reason to protect her. Does it make his actions okay? Most definitely not! Even though when the whole twist came in to the picture, it turned out that Nixon loves this girl, but I mean.. wtf? Look, the premise was truly intriguing and awesome, the way it was delivered lacked believability.

The saddest thing is that I actually want to read the sequel because I want to know what happens next regarding the ending. How messed up is that? I am not, in fact, a fan of spoilery reviews, but sometimes they pay off so I hope that there will be spoiler-ish reviews on Goodreads so I can read them and find out what happens without actually purchasing the book. I hate writing these negative reviews and I understand what could appeal to readers in Elite, but as much as it pains me to say this, I wasn't happy while reading this and I think there are better books out there by this author to be discovered beforehand.

Oh, just a little note here at the end: the teaser for the second book introduces a lovely love triangle of Nixon, Tracey and Nixon's best friend. Are. You. Kidding. Me. I think you get my frustration..

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Wrong Kind of Love (Young Love, #2) - Amanda Heath Actual rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

What DID I think indeed... Hmh.. Ok, I liked the beginning and I was rooting for Caden all the way and of course since it's from his and Grace's POV we know that they'll end up together, there's no other option. However, I was so annoyed by Grace that I wanted to sucker punch her at times. She was almost as annoying as Ms. Anastasia Steele. Never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would come close to annoy me as much as Mrs. Christian Grey did. Ugh.. I liked the main idea and Caden was ok, but overall it was meh for me.

The whole time Caden and Grace were back-and-forth. When I was little, my Grandma had this comparison to situations like this: a bird sits on a roof covered in tar and his feathered tail gets stuck in the tar. When it pulled its tail free, its nose got stuck. When it finally got its nose free, again, its tail got stuck. And so it went and the bird didn't manage to get free from the tar. At the age of 4 it was funny, now not so much. It's the perfect analogy to describe Caden and Grace's relationship. We desperately want them to be together and when one of them wants a relationship, the other manages to find an excuse why it should not happen. They go around circles the ENTIRE, excuse my French, fucking book. Oh and did I mention that Grace is dating Caden's twin brother? *face palm* It was just frustrating and the characters were plain annoying. They got angry for no reason, fought like a married couple, hated each other, loved each other, longed, lusted, had sex, forgave too easily and throughout the entire time they weren't in a relationship and I seriously fought the urge to slap them. I read a book with a similar plot (Every Which Way by Calia Read) and had a more pleasant experience with it. Plus, there was no cheating involved. Guess which one I liked better *smirks*

The ending was cute, yes. There were a few things I liked about this book, but they were definitely out-shadowed by the whole 'too much drama made out of nothing' thing, plus, yeah, let's face it, the characters are just as annoying as having a high fever during summer. I'm going with a 1.5 rating thanks to the few things I liked and the main thanks for that goes to Caden who was probably one of the few characters I liked and his relationship with Declan (her sister's boyfriend and one of the MCs in the first book) was awesome and enjoyable.
Forgotten - Cat Patrick My first ever Cat Patrick book and I must say that what first pulled me into this story was the cover. I think it's the original cover and now there's a new one? Correct me if I'm wrong. I found the synopsis to be compelling and intriguing and couldn't wait to read it. When I read it though, I couldn't grasp the whole idea even by the end of the story. It read like a contemporary and handled different family matters, relationship and subconscious pretty well. I really enjoyed the romance which held the main focus. I enjoyed the MC-s relationship with her mom. I found her best friend to be a bit shallow, but the thing is that most of us can't be all deep and complicated and she was just a typical teenager who liked boys and clothes. What more is there in life at that age when you don't have horrible family relationships or come from povetry etc? Safe to say I understand her. Doesn't mean that I particularly liked her though. I didn't connect with the main character and her memory loss was hard to grasp. If you were to ask me questions about it, I didn't know how to answer, because I still don't get it in full capacity. I didn't see some of the twists coming, some I did. As I said, the romance was cute and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Cat Patrick has original ideas and I'll definitely explore something else by her. I hope it was just this particular novel that didn't work that well for me.
Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Actual rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Before I start with this review, my apologies in advance for most likely the longest review I've ever written. The book is the size of a beast and I have so many feeeeeellllzzz that I just need to get them out there.

When I finished the first four books in The Mortal Instruments series, I wanted to read something else by Cassie and since the first two in The Infernal Devices were out, I gave them a try. I didn’t immediately love the characters since let’s face it, I had become to love the ones in TMI and I read TID right after. However, now that I think about it, I was way too harsh with my Clockwork Angel review and when I really think about it, TID series is maybe even better in my eyes.

“A very magnanimous statement, Gideon,” said Magnus.
“I’m Gabriel.”
Magnus waved a hand. “All Lightwoods look the same to me.”

We pick up shortly after where Clockwork Prince ended. Everything is such a mess. Tessa getting ready for her wedding, one of the guys being upset about it and trying not to show it to the rest of the world. Oh boy, did that pain kill me in every single scene. The Magister is gathering his forces to attack and Charlotte’s position as the head of London’s institute is in jeopardy thanks to the very ambitious, jealous and conniving consul Wayland. I felt so darn bad for Charlotte – she has worked her butt off to protect the Shadowhunters and her loved ones and everything might be ripped away by that awful consul who’s threatened by a woman. What a jackass.

Cassie takes no time to jump into action as the Lightwoods have a problem they need help to solve. Here are a few questions that came to mind while I was reading Clockwork Princess: why haven’t I noticed how amazing Gabriel Lightwood is? Why wasn’t I initially excited about the fact that Cecily came to the institute? Why did Cassie make me feel ALL of that with this plot of surprising revelations and complex relationships? It was a brutal ugly crying in some of the scenes, but sadness wasn’t the only emotion brought out in me as Will and Magnus made me laugh out loud on several occasions and excitement ran in my blood with every page turn. The quote above portrays perfectly why these two make such great friends.

The characters in this story are multi-dimensional and very enjoyable. I came to love every single one of them in my own way. I was surprised how much questions were answered, however, I agree with some of the readers that a few of them were a little too vague. Did I mention that I became to love Cecily and Gabriel? Ohhhhh, man! LOVE THESE TWO SO HARD. It was pretty incredulous though how everyone found their soul-mates. Among the people in Institute, nevertheless. Awkward, but understandable. Also, I’m not complaining since most of these were my OTP-s.

This review is already too darn long, but the ending deserves a paragraph on its own, so bare with me, alright? I have mixed feelings about this one. I loved it and at the same time I hated it. I’m more than sure that most of the fandom is satisfied with this solution and in some ways, I am too. However, I feel like it was too easy. Maybe City of Heavenly Fire will explain to us how the impossible turned out to be possible, but it feels a little icky for me. I loved both of the guys and let’s face it, when every single person in a love triangle loves the other two more than life itself, it’s bound to be tough. The epilogue… It didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth if you know what I mean. I am happy, I’m truly happy, but do I understand? No, I don’t. Not on all levels. I understand why Cassie wrote it that way though, but I still dont give thumbs up to this solution.

To sum up one of the longest reviews I have ever written, this book is a beast in the best way possible. It comes at you with all these emotions and makes you feel ALL the feels there is to feel. I loved almost every single part of it and I truly recommend you to read these books. All I need now is to get the first two in hardcovers so I can put myself through heart ache again and again. I’m a masochist like that, lol. In all honesty, I adored this book and it was a great way to end a series. *fingers crossed it won’t be continued (and ruined)*

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Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t really plan on giving this series a try, but then suddenly most of the bloggers started to showcase the third book in this series – Sever – in their book hauls in youtube and around blogoverse and I have to admit, I became interested. Then I revisited the GR of the first book and re-read the synopsis. Guess what? I liked it. And I gave it a try.

“Tell freedom I said hello.”

The story. Wither follows Rhine in her journey of breaking free from a horrible situation she has landed in. Rhine and two other girls are brought to this incredible mansion to marry Linden. The guys in this world die at 25 and girls when they’re 20. Only the first generation lives longer than that. Linden’s Father turns out to be a horrible man and all Rhine can think about is escaping. She has to pretend happiness in this marriage based on polygamy and her days are only brightened by the other girls friendship when they care to offer it and this server Gabriel who shares her interest of being free and dreaming bold thoughts.

My emotions. I try to watch this interesting (Estonian) show every night that basically features intriguing stories as well as daily news around the world and about 6 months ago they showed this bride abduction (?) story where a bunch of guys took a girl from the street and forced her to marry their friend. And that’s how it happens with every single lady in that country. I don’t remember where it was though. This is basically the case here. I was thoroughly disgusted by all of this and it pains me that it really is like that for some people in this world. I didn’t think less of Linden as a character because he lives in this world and it’s not outrageous to have multiple wives to bed with one,but he's not aware how they made their way to the selection and how brutally they were treated. He's oblivious to all of it. I still hated this polygamous marriage he had with Rhine, Cecily and Jenna. Cecily, being the youngest – only thirteen!!! – it was just unacceptable for me that she got pregnant first and.. I just can’t tell you how much I wanted to vomit at that thought. It’s horrible. She was also annoying most of the time, but there were moments I wanted to hug her and I understood why Rhine was so protective over her. For me, the best part of the book were the relationships between the Sister wives.

On the other hand, I listened to the audiobook and I really, really liked the narrator who made every character different and I felt their presence and personality through her voice. The plot in general was good and Rhine as the MC was great. She’s a survivor by nature and her genuine concern about her sister wives was heart-warming. I became engaged in the story pretty quickly, but I think that not much happened in Wither in general, but at the same time as we already gather from the synopsis, most of it takes place in a house where Rhine is under watchful eyes – not that much can happen. I am team Gabriel since he cares about Rhine only, but Linden wouldn’t be bad to end up with. I just think his lifestyle and dreams aren’t suitable for Rhine and she has a better match in Gabriel. I hated Vaughn – Linden’s Father with pure passion. That man was creepy *hides*

Overall I think this world is intriguing and it’s an eye-opener in the sense that there are a lot of cases like this out there in the world. It was a mix between sci-fi and dystopian and I think there could have been a bit more to the history of this illness and how this world came to be. I will definitely see what’s next to come for Rhine. I think the narrator did an amazing job with this book. I hope the next one will be even better. On another though, I don’t think it’s exactly suitable for younger YA readers even if the book is supposed to be in the YA category.

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Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas I don't even know how to review this one and I won't waste my time on writing a full review. I didn't like it at all. I'm probably the black sheep of the community, but I didn't agree with the way this guy treated the MC at all and why she let him do this jazz to her, I just.. Perhaps she had a softer version of the Stockholm syndrome as she loved a guy who treated her like she was nothing and bullied her throughout most of the book. Did he have his sweet moments? Yes, for sure, but I did not forgive him for a second and I believe if he had one of his weak moments like he had back in the day when it all started, he'd do it all over again. It was al a big misunderstanding after another and I just didn't get this novel. I'm sorry.