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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout Ohhhkay. Let me get this straight: I KNOW there are people out there who absolutely loved this book and I am sorry for what I am about to say. It's solely my opinion, it doesn't have to match yours. I am glad that you were able to enjoy something by Jennifer since she is a kick-a author. For me, unfortunately, this was the weakest I have read by Jennifer. Let me tell you why.

“How much snow are they calling for?” “Somewhere between a lot and holy fuck.”

The story. Sydney has been in love with her best friend Kyler forever. Kyler is by any means a man-whore with no dignity. He is cocky and doesn't realize that Sydney wants him more than a friend. They go up to the mountains to spend a weekend skiing with their friends just like every year, however, this year is going to be different. There's a huge snow storm and only these two end up in this frigid house with their past mistakes haunting them and it seems like someone else is out to get them as well.

My thoughts. Maybe if there would have been more Kyler's point of view, I would have understood him more, but no. I just found him to be a jerk who had redeemable qualities, but he didn't redeem his behaviour to me by any means. He was like an imperfect Daemon Black 2.0. He was constantly with other girls, but god forbid that Syd gets a guy. He went bonkers and got out of his way to keep her away from any potential love interest. Look, I like Jen's writing, I do, but all of her books and characters are starting to melt together for me to the point where I don't separate Seth, Daemon and Kyler from each other and the same goes for Katy, Avery and Sydney. There are more examples, but they're all basically the same. Seth may not ever get the girl, but the rest of the ones I brought up: a nerdy, cute, avarage girl getting it on with a cocky, charismatic, hot guy. You see a trend here? Because I do.

I thought the plot sounded interesting and enjoyable, but it turned out to be poorly executed. In my eyes only, of course. I know that Jen's capable of so much more and this was just.. blahhh. I found Sydney to be so annoying. She needed saving every step of the way. She spent time laying on the ground or getting hurt other ways and getting hit or falling more than I could count. She is the definition of a clutz. Also, she just kept pining and whining and going on and on and on about Kyler. I grew tired of that by the 5th chapter if not sooner. Kyler was just all-out annoying for me. 'nuff said. And let's not even start about the whole 'someone is out to get us murdered' storyline. What. In. The. World. I guessed who was behind it as soon as they started talking about it. I mean, come on! Really? Really? *rolls eyes* Oh, and the first half of the books was spent on building up anticipation and when it finally happened, it was sex for at least 4 chapters straight. That was too much, I'm telling you. I just skipped that part after reading the first sex chapter. Wayyyy too much!

The best part of the novel was the tree climbing scene. I wish that their best friends would have been more in the picture. Right now I can't remember their names. Was the guy Trevor? I may be wrong. Anyhow, if you've read this one, you know who I'm talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed their relationship and I wish there would have been more scenes including them, them starting a relationship storyline etc. I also enjoyed that the MCs weren't damaged. That's refreshing.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with this rant, but I just couldn't hold it in me. I didn't enjoy this one. It isn't the worst book I've read, but it was the worst by Jen that I've read. She didn't wow me this time even though I was ready to be blown away. I can totally see what people like in this book, but I'm getting tiresome of the same guys and girls playing the main role and in my eyes, the story wasn't that well executed. I'm not giving up on Jen with this book. She's still a rockstar author and I'm looking forward to reading something else by her.

A question to the big circle: don't you think this would have worked better as a Christmas/winter read as opposed to being published in mid July *__*