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Forgotten - Cat Patrick My first ever Cat Patrick book and I must say that what first pulled me into this story was the cover. I think it's the original cover and now there's a new one? Correct me if I'm wrong. I found the synopsis to be compelling and intriguing and couldn't wait to read it. When I read it though, I couldn't grasp the whole idea even by the end of the story. It read like a contemporary and handled different family matters, relationship and subconscious pretty well. I really enjoyed the romance which held the main focus. I enjoyed the MC-s relationship with her mom. I found her best friend to be a bit shallow, but the thing is that most of us can't be all deep and complicated and she was just a typical teenager who liked boys and clothes. What more is there in life at that age when you don't have horrible family relationships or come from povetry etc? Safe to say I understand her. Doesn't mean that I particularly liked her though. I didn't connect with the main character and her memory loss was hard to grasp. If you were to ask me questions about it, I didn't know how to answer, because I still don't get it in full capacity. I didn't see some of the twists coming, some I did. As I said, the romance was cute and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Cat Patrick has original ideas and I'll definitely explore something else by her. I hope it was just this particular novel that didn't work that well for me.