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Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t really plan on giving this series a try, but then suddenly most of the bloggers started to showcase the third book in this series – Sever – in their book hauls in youtube and around blogoverse and I have to admit, I became interested. Then I revisited the GR of the first book and re-read the synopsis. Guess what? I liked it. And I gave it a try.

“Tell freedom I said hello.”

The story. Wither follows Rhine in her journey of breaking free from a horrible situation she has landed in. Rhine and two other girls are brought to this incredible mansion to marry Linden. The guys in this world die at 25 and girls when they’re 20. Only the first generation lives longer than that. Linden’s Father turns out to be a horrible man and all Rhine can think about is escaping. She has to pretend happiness in this marriage based on polygamy and her days are only brightened by the other girls friendship when they care to offer it and this server Gabriel who shares her interest of being free and dreaming bold thoughts.

My emotions. I try to watch this interesting (Estonian) show every night that basically features intriguing stories as well as daily news around the world and about 6 months ago they showed this bride abduction (?) story where a bunch of guys took a girl from the street and forced her to marry their friend. And that’s how it happens with every single lady in that country. I don’t remember where it was though. This is basically the case here. I was thoroughly disgusted by all of this and it pains me that it really is like that for some people in this world. I didn’t think less of Linden as a character because he lives in this world and it’s not outrageous to have multiple wives to bed with one,but he's not aware how they made their way to the selection and how brutally they were treated. He's oblivious to all of it. I still hated this polygamous marriage he had with Rhine, Cecily and Jenna. Cecily, being the youngest – only thirteen!!! – it was just unacceptable for me that she got pregnant first and.. I just can’t tell you how much I wanted to vomit at that thought. It’s horrible. She was also annoying most of the time, but there were moments I wanted to hug her and I understood why Rhine was so protective over her. For me, the best part of the book were the relationships between the Sister wives.

On the other hand, I listened to the audiobook and I really, really liked the narrator who made every character different and I felt their presence and personality through her voice. The plot in general was good and Rhine as the MC was great. She’s a survivor by nature and her genuine concern about her sister wives was heart-warming. I became engaged in the story pretty quickly, but I think that not much happened in Wither in general, but at the same time as we already gather from the synopsis, most of it takes place in a house where Rhine is under watchful eyes – not that much can happen. I am team Gabriel since he cares about Rhine only, but Linden wouldn’t be bad to end up with. I just think his lifestyle and dreams aren’t suitable for Rhine and she has a better match in Gabriel. I hated Vaughn – Linden’s Father with pure passion. That man was creepy *hides*

Overall I think this world is intriguing and it’s an eye-opener in the sense that there are a lot of cases like this out there in the world. It was a mix between sci-fi and dystopian and I think there could have been a bit more to the history of this illness and how this world came to be. I will definitely see what’s next to come for Rhine. I think the narrator did an amazing job with this book. I hope the next one will be even better. On another though, I don’t think it’s exactly suitable for younger YA readers even if the book is supposed to be in the YA category.

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