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Firelight (Firelight, #1) - Sophie Jordan,  Therese Plummer I’ve seen these book around blogosvere, goodreads, bookstores and I have never felt the urge to pick them up. Until I felt the need for something new. I haven’t read a book about dragons since Eragon and I came to love those creatures back then. I found the covers in the Firelight series beautiful and felt like I needed to give these books a fair chance. I’m really happy I decided to do that, because I quite enjoyed the first book.

"A hunter in love with his pray."

Jacinda is a drakin aka dragon. Their species have been hunted by hunters, humans with the knowledge of draki’s existence and who are set out to kill them, for ages, but what the hunters don’t know is that draki can manifest into humans. This is the most guarded secret of drakis. Jacinda is the first fire breather in her tribe over a period of long time and her destiny is somewhat decided: she is to marry Prince Cassian and protect the tribe with her special abilities. She’s not so ecstatic about that herself, though. One day, Jacinda and her best friend Az find themselves being hunted and after that things turn into chaos. Jacina, her sister Tamra and their Mother run away from the tribe and, much to Jacinda’s dismay, start a new life among humans. This is where Will comes into play.

Will is a human who is destined to kill Jacinda, because he comes from a long family line of hunters. He doesn’t know Jacinda is a draki, but Jacinda knows he is a hunter. Even as she tries to resist him, she soon realizes that she cannot stay away. It’s a story about magical creatures, true love, temptations, lies, adventures, games and testing one’s limits. Jacinda struggles between wanting to stay for Will, but yearning to be among her species, her own kind, friends, her home. It’s a tough choice, but ultimately, she has to make one. What will she choose?

I enjoyed the romance, which was probably the main focus here. I think Will is a great guy and Jacinda is a strong protagonist. The characters were easy to relate to – adjusting to new environments, being a teenager, falling in love and testing oneself. The relationships felt organic and real. I was fascinated by draki in general and I can’t wait to learn some more. After how it ended, I’m sure we will get the answers we are graving for. I’m excited to see how Jacinda and Tamra’s relationship enrolls from here and if they can finally be the sisters they need each other to be. Overall, it was decent start to the series.

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