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Eden - Jamie McGuire As far as I’m concerned, this was the best out of all three books from this series. Yeah, it wasn’t original, wasn’t the best piece of work I’ve read, but it was definitely better than the two previous ones. It was a really quick read and it felt like the pages were flying while I was reading. The plot was pretty great, too.

Nina’s pregnant and Hell’s trying to do everything in it’s power to stop her from having this baby. Nina’s and Jared’s child is supposedly one of a kind – a child who’s birth has been predicted in a prophecy in the books of Hell and Heaven. It’s supposed to have termendous power and it’s a force to be recognised to everyone. No one knows how it’ll affect the balance between Hell and Heaven. It’s frightening to everyone, especially to Jared and Nina who are trying to come out of this alive and they’re trying to keep everyone they care about alive, too. That’s a pretty hard task. There are some major events in this book: the wedding, the birth, a few battles – it all comes down to whether or not Heaven’s about to intervene or not, because Hell’s literally about to break loose and it ain’t pretty.

It all kicks off very beautifully – it’s Nina’s and Jared’s wedding day. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves, there’s a very relaxed atmosphere and I started to wonder what’s about to happen? Or more importantly – when? It didn’t take long for me to find out.

This whole journey was emotional for Nina and Jared. One thing that suprised me was that Cynthia, Nina’s mother, turned out to be a really sweet woman, a very organised and strict, but still, very sweet. I used to thought she was a robot and didn’t want to show her feelings (well, I still think she doesn’t know how to express her feelings), but while Nina was expecting her firstborn, Cynthia brought some real emotion to the table and she seemed more human all of a sudden. I really liked that.

I also liked that McGuire suprised the readers with some unexpected things. In “Requiem“ we discovered a few facts about Kim and we learn some interesting things about someone else in this one, too. I did not expect that at all. It wasn’t that important in the scheme of things, but it was still unexpected. We get to see Ryan trying to pursue Claire (which was the best part of the book, if you ask me, because knowing Claire, she will not admit to being in love or interested in someone and she’ll do everything in her power to keep Ryan at arms lenght, plus their bantering is hilarious to read about) and we get some glimpses of Nina’s training with the Ryel family.

I thought it was a decent piece of work and I’m happy that I did not give up on this series. What a great way to end Nina’s and Jared’s story.