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Luck of the Draw - Kelley Vitollo I have read most of Nyrae Dawn’s Young Adult books, but so far I hadn’t tried any of her adult books that she writes under the name of Kelley Vitollo. I saw the synopsis for Luck of the Draw and I instantly knew it was something I wanted to read. I still haven’t read the first book, but since they’re companion novels, I’m sure it’s okay. (Side note: I will read the first one when I have time.) This book was so much fun and so adorable that I read it in mere hours and felt all bubbly inside afterwards.

“You’re not that good looking.”

“I beg to differ and how many fingers?” Her eyes looked normal, but a little glassy. A smile tilted her lips, but he didn’t think she realized it. No, this woman wanted to be pissed at him, but she couldn’t—which should be his first clue to get the hell out of there. A feisty woman like her would be nothing but trouble. A losing hand, if you will, and Breck didn’t lose anymore.

“I mean, maybe a seven out of ten.”

“Nope. Only three fingers out of five. Looks like I’m going to have to carry you.”

With this, her eyes widened. She didn’t want to be in his arms and he somehow had a feeling it was because she’d enjoyed it there last time too much.

“No! I was rating you.”

This time Breck held up ten fingers. “Ten,” she said.

He winked at her. “That’s more like it. I knew you thought I was sexy.”

The story follows the life of Rowan McKinley in Shamrock Falls. She is surrounded by friends, but hasn’t got a family she can rely on. She dreams about one, though – a life with her future husband and children. At the beginning of the novel Row does something completely out of her element: she has a one night stand with a sexy poker player in Las Vegas. Or so she thinks, because no less than a month Breck Wilder arrives on her doorstep to stay in her Bed and Breakfast for whole six weeks. How can she survive this? She has no idea.

The concept was fun fun fun, but the characters were what really made the story. I liked Rowans stubbornness and even though I don’t have that kind of life experience, I could still relate to her. She takes BS from no one and wants to do everything on her own. I love that independence factor about her. Breck, on the other hand, is really great with people, charming, oh-so-sexy. However, Breck is a player and he has no plans for settling down. The chemistry between them was so enjoyable that I couldn’t help but root for them and sometimes even out loud, lol.

I really, really loved that even though it was an adult book, it felt like a family movie of two adults. I took this book, cuddled with it in front of a fire place, drank hot chocolate and smiled practically the whole way through. It wasn’t all erotica and sex, which seems to be the trend of adult books these days. No, it was a story about two unlikely people meeting their match and trying to deal with their inner issues. It’s a pretty short book with great pacing, enjoyable characters and a meaningful story. If you want an adorable fast read that makes you feel all warm and giggly inside, pick this one up!

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