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Addicted to You  - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Before I’m going to start talking about my emotions regarding one of the most intriguing New Adult books I have ever read, I’ll tell you that the authors of this book are two of the sweetest girls and even though I adore them, I’ll be very professional and not let my personal feelings get in the way of reviewing this pretty.

As I pick up my ripped gray tee, tattered and practically in shreds, the foggy image of last night clears. I stepped through the treshold of his room and literally tore my clothes off like the raging Hulk. Was that even sexy? I cringe. Must have been sexy enough to sleep with me. (pg 2 of the e-arc)

The story. Lily is a sex addict who craves for kinky more than an avarage male. Seriously! She’s got problems. Have you ever met a girl who watches porn in class? No? Well, now you have. She lives in an apartment with her childhood friend Loren who is her pretend-boyfriend when they’re with their families. Why, you ask? Because Lo has got an addiction as well and this, ladies and gents, is a pact they’ve made in order to hide their addictions. The thing is though that they’re not only dishonest with their families, but with themselves as well.

My emotions. I would have never guessed that one day I’d read a book about a sex addict, especially about one who is the same age as me. I felt for Lily because addictions are cruel. There’s no running when you have one, there’s only fighting back. I guess that’s what bothered me the most about her relationship with Lo. I loved Lo when we first met him and boy was he smexy and cute. However, it’s no secret that Lily has feelings for him and vice versa. The more the story progressed, the better their relationship got in the romantic sense, but their friendship, for me, collapsed.

Lily’s addiction is almost harmless if she’s safe, but Lo’s affects his mental health, nerves, liver – his organism and that can’t be reduced. That’s the reason I felt like Lily should have put her craving in the background and helped Lo sooner. I hate how mean he became and how he didn’t give a rat’s butt about anything other than the liquor in the cabins. It’s tough to fight your urges though so at the same time I understand why it took so long for Lily to realize he really did need help. I can only hope it's not too late.

On other topics, I loved the chemistry between these two. I liked that it was only from Lily’s POV since the dual point of view would have grown tiresome. I also adored Connor Cobalt – hahahaha! Seriously, he and his cat, he and his ego – everything was brilliant about him, LOL. I am glad Lily and Lo found themselves not alone in this mess and managed to gain friends. I cannot wait to read what’s next to come.

All in all, it was a very strong debut and I am sure we will hear lots of great things from Krista and Becca. The fact that they decided to publish this book as their debut and write about such important topics in addition to sex addiction and put their own twist to it requires courage and these two have it plenty. Plus it doesn't hurt that it was spiced with my kind of humour. Totally not your typical New Adult book! Also, great thing is that the novella and sequel -- both following the ending of this one -- aren't that far away:) Read on, lovelies!

Btw, listen to Christina Aguilera’s Your Body which I believe is the perfect soundtrack to this book if you listen to the words ;-)

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