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By a Thread - Jennifer Estep Actual rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Why, these books just keep getting better and better. I asbolutely loved this one, because it wasn't about Mab Monroe anymore. The gang got new challenges to overcome and the story was the most original of the series so far. Also, it was so fun to watch them try to have a calm, ordinary beach vacation. Finn totally made it hilarious with his lovely, fantastic self. I love Gin's step-brother like no other! :-)

If there has ever been a doubt in my mind that Owen and Gin ARE meant to be, it was wiped away in this book. I know they will have their future obstacles as I've stumbled upon some spoilers, but I KNOW they'll overcome them. They have to! Their love is so real and beautiful. I love their steamy scenes, but I also enjoy their sweet, humble moments too. When Gin came out of that burning mansion, walked to her friends and Owen ran to her as soon as he saw her and pulled her into his arms and showered her face with his kisses--I was honestly teary-eyed while I listened to this scene at work today. It was perfect! I love how he trusts Gin and believes in her the way that douche Donovan never did. This book, by the way, reminded me why Donovan Cane is never going to be the guy for Gin. He's a classic a-hole. One with high morals, but a-hole nevertheless.

I also enjoyed Gin and Bria's relationship which reminded me a little me and my little sister. We may have our issues and fights, but at the end of the day, we try to do our best to find a solution and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Love her and I felt the sisterly bond between Gin and Bria becoming stronger by each minute so it was really, really nice to read that storyarc:)

I soooo can't wait to read the next ones. You know, it's hard to believe it was book 6 since they're so easy to follow. I'm not a fan of repetitive writing in a series, but I understand why it's nessecary as UF series are LOOOOONG. However, it's getting tiresome so whenever Gin repeats a section from a previous book, I just fastforward a little:) No guilt whatsoever :D hehe.