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Love Unscripted - Tina Reber This review can also be found my blog.

“Love Unscripted“ is a story about Taryn and Ryan. Tar has her own bar where she and Ryan first meet. She knows he’s a famous actor, but hasn’t seen any of his movies. Ryan is a world-famous actor who’s followed by paparazzi and crazy fans. He’s looking for a shelter which he finds unexpectedly in Taryn.

Tar’s a rational woman with a strong backbone and she doesn’t let other people put her down. She offers security and shelter to Ryan as well as support and peace. Although good things come to those who wait, unfortunately they don’t come easily: there are a lot of people who want to get rid of her, because they think she’s bad for his career, or want to take her place beside this handsome actor.

Funny thing: I can’t understand how Tar realised that one of those fans was a stalker, I don’t think I could ever think that during my first sight of the person. Yeah, this girl was a bit extreme, but that’s not a reason to think she’s a lunatic. All right, that aside, the beginning was quite okay, but I cannot say that about the ending, because everything was turned upside down and nothing seemed that realistic or believable anymore.

I like to read thick books. The more the marrier – I get to enjoy a great story even longer. This book started out great and was quite up-tempo, but the 1/3 of the ending should have been left out or written differently. It wasn’t that entertaining towards the end. I mean.. There were so many obstacles on the road that I was left wondering when are these two actually going to get some peace and work on their issues by not letting everyone else get in the middle of their relationship. Also, Taryn was a bit neurotic and untolerable towards the ending; however, it’s easy to judge as an outsider and as a person who’s not been in this kind of situations. It’s probably quite hard to be in Taryn’s position and have all your life all over tabloids whereas before she was just trying to live her life and enjoy herself quietly. Moreover, she's had her own share of heartache so on some levels I get her.

Overall, liked the book, but the ending could have been written a bit differently. Since the author’s an indie author (according to her own words), her books’re supposed to be long, but I think that the ending lost it’s (good) intensinty towards the end and, therefore, didn’t offer that much enjoyment. I would have been glad to give this book a 3 or more, but due to the ending I had to lower the rating. I’ll still read the sequel, which is supposedly ready for publishing quite soon. The first 4 chapters are revealed on author’s webpage.

Rate: 2/5