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Deadly Obsession - Kristine Cayne I absolutely loved the cover and the description sounded intriguing so I went for it and it wasn't that bad actually, but it wasn't that good either. I think I've read too many similar books lately and it's time to read something different for a change.

I really don't know whether to give this book a two or a three, but I went with two. It had some very sweet scenes and it cracked me up too (now that I think about it, this book wasn't that bad.. okay, I'll write this review and then think about it, maybe I'll give it a 3). I liked the bodyguard and I liked Lauren's son Jason. I even liked Lauren and Nic. But..

I did not like Vivian. Ugh. And I'm not quite sure whether or not the identety of the stalker was supposed to be a mystery or not (I think so, because when the author writes about her plans 'n stuff, there's no mention of a name), but I figured it out from the very first lines about her. So.. Yeah. Wasn't that big of a mystery. Moreover, at times the storyline felt really absurd.

I didn't like that Nic and Lauren somehow found themselves in love within 2 or 3 meetings and I mean.. They really seemed to loved each other. That was extremely weird.

Hmm.. I liked the jokes between Nic and Rémi, that was fun! I liked how Kaden joked around and to me he seemed like a really great person to hang out with. I liked how Nic acted around Jason and I thought that their SponeBob scene was pretty funny.

Okay, I'll give this book a three, although, I don't think it's worth a three, maybe 2,5, so I'll give some extra points for the cover.