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Everneath - Brodi Ashton This review can also be found ">on my blog.

First of all, the real rating is 3.5, but since I can't do that on goodreads, I'll give it a four here. Secondly, even though I thought it was more of a three, I gave it an extra half point because of Jack, originality and of course the fabulous cover! That being said, we can continue with this review.

This is another great YA story and what's more important, it was original. I read a lot of the same material, but I'm actually so sick and tired of it. This was something fresh. I wasn't amazed by it, but I liked it. The reasons, you ask? Well.. I liked it because it wasn't your typical YA story where the heroine stumbles upon a icy hot guy who needs to be saved by that special girl. No! I adored that Nikki was in love with Jack and Jack was the only reason for her Return from the Everneath since the only thing she remembered was his face and his brown hair.

If you like happily ever afters, I think it's not for you if you can't wait for the sequel, because this book left me in tears. I really hope the second or the final one will be happier, although I can't imagine what would there be to smile or laugh about.

The book itself is written in Nikki's point of view, but we get glimpses of her past with Jack. It's sweet and really gives the story a touch of love and happiness. Right now, Nikki is supposed to catch up with school, be a volunteer in a soup kitchen (due to her father's elections), say goodbye to her loved ones before her six months on the Surface is over and on top of that be tyrannised by Cole - the Everliving who fed on her for a hundred years.

Now that we've finally came to Cole, I can say that I expected to like him more than I did. He somewhat grew on me by the end of the book, but he was still the underdog, because Jack has suprisingly won my heart 100%. Cole is manipulative and sneeky, he has his moments of greatness, but he isn't that honorable. Jack, on the other hand, is like a prince on a white horse and he's the guy you want to end up with. Does that happen? Well, you may want to find out. Let's just say that his and Nikki's moments from the past aren't the only ones that make your heart beat faster.

Nikki was selfless, kind, protective and I liked her. She said it perfectly that you can't blame anyone else for the choices you make. They might've pushed you in that direction, but at the end of the day, you're the one making the choice.

So.. If I liked the book that much, why didn't I give it a 4 (or a 5)? I thought it could've been a little more action packed and there were moments where I figured out everything before Nikki and her companion did. I got to point out "ha, told ya!!" which isn't exactly what I want, I look forward to being suprised with my mouth left opened and my thoughts speeding on a highway in my head. But.. It was a pretty good book and I will definitely be reading the sequel (which by the way has a gorgeous cover just like the first one).