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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia This review can also be found onmy blog.

I’ve heard about this series before and seen the cover about a thousand times, but never dared to pick it up. I just looked some webpages of Estonian publications to see what books are translated to my native language. I discovered that “Fallen“ has now been translated and to my suprise the first and the second book of the Caster Chronicles series have been translated into Estonian, too. So I borrowed them from a library and decided to give this series a try.

I thought that “Beautiful Creatures“ was translated pretty well. I even found new words I had to look up from an Estonian dictionary because I had never heard of them before. I liked the overall concept, however, I do believe that this book should have ended earlier because it got tiresome at the end.

The other thing that bothered me was that Ethan, the main character, was a bit naive and he got into trouble because he didn’t really take advice from Amma, his mother figure, or Macon, Lena’s (Ethans girlfriends’) uncle. It felt like Amma and Macon were keeping a secret, but you could easily see that they were doing this in order to keep their families safe. Ethan was just too reckles in my opinion. He put everone at risk and acted without thinking.

I think there wasn’t anything else I wasn’t that sattisfied with. I liked Link. A lot. He was hilarious and fun! I liked Amma and Macon. I think I even liked Riley – she caused a big havoc everytime she was in the picture. Heh, I got to say “I told you so! “ to myself (and to this book): I figured out what’s going on like 150 pages before Ethan. I did not predict the whole thing, but I predicted the outcome and the main idea. I found the ending very sad.

Do I recommend this book? Yes, I think you should read it if you’re into male POV, mystery (well, it’s definitely not anything like Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes or Mikael Blomkvist from the Millenium series, but it’s still mysterious.. At least some of it is..), fantasy, young adult literature and a bit of humour (there isn’t much of it, but it made me laugh a few times, yes). If you don’t like any of those things or you do not wish to read about a reckless teenage boy with paranormal romance problems or about a small town with narrow-minded people, it’s definitely not for you.