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What a Boy Wants - Nyrae Dawn I actually really liked it and would've given it a four if it wasn't so predictable (hate it when that happens, there wasn't anything (!!!) surprising at all). Since the first e-mail he got from this girl I knew how this was going to end and .. yeah, it was just too predictable. The whole plot. However, it was still fun and I loved the bantering between Jaden and Sebastian. Pricilla and Aspen were cool, too. I didn't understand how Sebastian couldn't figure out the whole rock-climbing chick comment by Aspen's friends at her work place or anything else that was going on throughout the whole book, but hey! Some people are slow - it just takes time for them to process things (although I don't think Sebastian's that kind of a person, but.. I don't know.. I figured out all the stuff way before he did and I didn't even need any clues or proof for that matter). Or they just don't want to see what's right in front of them. Anyway.. The book made me laugh and broke my heart a few times, but it was still a light, easy and very fun read! There aren't that many male POV's out there (especially in YA genre) and it was good to read one. I'm pretty sure I know how the sequel's gonna end, but I'm going to read it anyway. Love Jaden and it'll be fun to get to know him even better.