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Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines More of my reviews can be found on my blog.

Out of all the couples in this series Amanda and Preston are definitely my favorite. I loved Marcus and Willow, Cage and Eva were also great, but these two lovely, sexy people.. Yeah. I just adore this combination. I thought While it Lasts was freaking fantastic, but this? This was just as good if not better. Oh, and I must mention that it was steamier than ever before. Like.. this was boiling hot!

“You taking calculus first semester of college? I’m impressed. I’ve been putting it off.”

Amanda shrugged a shoulder. “I like math.”

Calculus was not math. It was a fucking science experiment gone wrong. I started to reply when the guy standing beside her cleared his throat. I glanced up at him with an annoyed snarl. Why was he still standing there?

“You took my seat,” he said.

Now, that made me smile. “Then I guess you should have been sitting in it.”

Preston has always been somewhat of a joke among the guys since he always has a different girl with him and he doesn't seem to take anything seriously. That's a facade though and kind of like a protection against the hard punches the world has given him throughout his life. His mother is an alcoholic and Preston practically raises his little brothers and sister, because most of the time their mom is passed out drunk somewhere. Preston doesn't have the brains to get a well-paid job to provide the life his little siblings deserve, but over the time he has figured out that his good looks are more than enough to get the money and when you guys thought that Cage was a man-whore.. Well.. Preston literally is. It kind of broke my heart, but at the same time I admired him for putting up with it and taking care of his younger siblings.

Then we have Amanda. The sweetest rich girl I've ever come across in a book. They're usually stuck-up snobs, but she's not like that at all. She hasn't always felt love and admiration by her family. Well.. Yeah, of course there is our beloved Marcus, who is the perfect older brother and I loved, loved, loved his and Amanda's relationship, but it doesn't really move a girl's heart if her brother tells her she's beautiful. Manda's mom is all about impressions and social looks, her father has left them for another woman. Guys fall at her feet, but it doesn't really matter when the love of her life is doing everything in his power to push her away. Until he realizes that he can't hurt her anymore or stay away to save his life. They're both falling. Falling hard. Once they admit their feelings, there's no turning back.

Like in every book Abbi writes, the main characters are each other's salvation. Amanda is self-conscious and needs someone to teach her the hard parts of life, tell her how beautiful, amazing and incredible she is. Preston kind of needs the same, but he also needs someone who accepts him as who he really is, take him with his flaws, trust and love him unconditionally. When I first started reading this series I secretly hoped these two would end up together so I couldn't be happier that they really had feelings for each other and they finally got their own book! Yay!

I realized, sitting there looking at her, that I loved her. I’d been right. When you love someone, you can’t lie to them. It hurts too much. It’s a deception that goes too deep.

Fan of Abbi? Fan of New Adult genre? Fan of steamy, hot, full of chemistry emotional rollercoasters? Pick this up immediately! It was sweet, sexy, devastating, desperate, fun and a very quick read. PS. I hope there'll be a book for Jason, because that handsome fella pulled at my heartstrings and did these incredibly sweet things to my heart every time he was mentioned, so yeah.. I hope he will have his own story to tell us.