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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover More of my reviews can be found on my blog.

Let me start by saying that this year has been full of great reads and discovering new amazing authors. One of them was Colleen and her Slammed series. I’m beyond happy and ecstatic for her success and this is only the beginning of it. If you haven’t read about Layken Cohen and Will Cooper, then you most certainly must! Now on to Hopeless. There’re no words in this world to tell you how much I adored this devastating story. It’s dark, edgy, magical and romantic. I loved every single second of it! Oh, and this book had the best. freaking. first. (non-)kiss. everrrr!!!

Being adopted isn’t really a stigma I’ve ever had to overcome. I’ve never been embarrassed by it, ashamed of it, or felt the need to hide the fact. But the way Holder is looking at me right now, you would think I just told him I was born with a penis. He’s staring at me uncomfortably and it makes me fidget. “What? You’ve never met anyone who was adopted?”

The plot. It sure does feel like a hopeless story the more the spine of the story cracks, but you cannot help but root for Sky as she discovers things about herself that one couldn’t possibly begin to imagine. The story takes time to progress, but about 66% through, Colleen starts throwing these punches at you and you don’t know how to protect yourself from them. I figured out some of the plot twists and had my doubts, but in the end, I was taken aback by its cruelness, brutality and darkness. I didn’t think Colleen, always lovely and funny, had it in her, but I’m glad she chose to share Sky’s story with the rest of the world.

The characters. Sky. Where in the world did this girl come from? Where did you hide her all this time, Colleen?? I felt for this broken girl who wasn’t even aware that she had been taken into pieces in the first place. Now, with Holder, she’s discovering the deepest secrets of her past, her soul and she doesn’t know where to begin the healing process, because as soon as she begins to manage the drawbacks of the previous shocking reveal, another comes, completely out of nowhere, straight at her with a vengeance. And trust me these things were meaner than the queen bee in any high school! Which brings me to Breckin. I heart you!! Thank you, for keeping my girl safe and sound, painting a smile on her face when she needed it the most, being there for her.

Then we have Holder. Le sigh. I can assure you that Will is still my number one male lead that Colleen has created, but Holder sure made everything in his power to not be the runner-up. It wasn’t a fair competition, because Point of Retreat is probably one of the top five books I have ever read. Ever!! However, Holder with his stunning persona, attractive looks *aaaahh, them dimples!!!!*, secrets and protective stance over Sky made me swoon like a crazy person, haha. I adore that even though the main focus was about Sky’s growth and unlocking her past, we also got to see Holder develop as a person and heal some of his wounds that have hurt him for such a long time. (On a side note: I’m writing this review while my Dad is watching the 1/8 finals of European League in basketball and he is giving me evil glares, because I’m all giggles due to thinking about Holder).

"And once again in my new world full of heartache and lies, this hopeless boy somehow finds a way to make me smile."

I wish I could quote the whole book to you, because every word was made of pure gold. It's a story you cannot put a price tag on, because it will haunt you for the longest time. The characters, especially Sky, are so easy to relate to and their sadness, happiness, goals and failures become a part of you in a way you wouldn't have imagined. I'm in awe of how beautiful, broken, dark and twisted this story is. I didn't expect anything from Colleen to be as good as her Slammed series, but this gives Slammed and Point of Retreat a run for their money. Whenever Sky felt like she couldn't breathe, I felt like the air was being knocked out of my lungs. She rarely cries, but when she did, I did too. Hopeless is enjoyable as well as devastating, but I wouldn't trade the minutes I spent on reading this book for anything. A definite recommend!