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Ruining Me - Nicole Reed Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (an extra half point for Kane and another for that ending)

Ruining Me. So.. I don’t have that much to say about the first installment. It was downright a horrible experience for me and at some point I even thought myself to be a masochist. I just.. My eyes literally hurt from rolling them and if it would have been a physical copy I was reading, I would have lit it on fire. (Okay, not on fire, I wouldn’t do that to any book no matter how much I hated it, but I was close, trust me.) I liked this book because of Kane. He was so sexy, understanding and quite mature, to be honest with you. Jay was a kid. A spoiled brat with tons of issues. I think the last protagonist I hated that much was Ms. Anastasia Steele and boy did I ever hate her! Jay went constantly back and forth between TJ and Kane, made promises to both of them and was a complete and utter mess. Yeah.. I heard this book was amazeballs and emotional, but it just sucked so bad.. Until THE thing happened at the very end of this book. I literally punched the air and yelled “Wohooo!!!“ . That was a shocker for me and even if Jay's whole life came crashing down, I was so glad it happened. I’m in no way sorry for Jay or anyone involved. Does that make me a bad person? I thought that the story just got interesting.

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