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The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle Another 'broken soul gets a fixed by one’s partner' story. Rock stars are always in, if you ask me. There’re probably very few people who are not affected by these sexy beasts and I’m certainly one that likes these stories however cliché or unoriginal they may be. This one involved a cheating incidence and before I start rambling on my likes and dislikes, I’ll tell you that the one who cheated felt heartbroken and broke the relationship off, because she knew that it was the right thing to do.

“You’re not just any girl. You’re my girl.”

Okay, so The Mighty Storm features the life of Tru and Jake, once upon a time best friends. Tru is a journalist and she is set up to interview her childhood love Jake, the lead singer of The Mighty Storm. Tru is pleased with her life, job, boyfriend of two years. Her only regret so far, though, is losing contact with her best friend Jake, who travelled across the Atlantic to live his life in the US and pursue his dreams. Now, touring in Europe, he stays in London and during this interview they meet again. During catching up Jake realizes that he can’t let Tru walk out of his life again and soon she’s kindly forced to write a biography of the band and their tour while travelling with them and old feelings are about to resurface.

I really liked Jake. At times I found him immature, though, but overall he was a great character. He has been through hell and back – losing his best friend Johnny, almost losing his life to drugs and on top of that his Dad is a horrible, poor excuse of a human being. He has done well for himself during the last year and I found him strong. He wasn’t so strong when it came to Tru though. I enjoyed their relationship and as much as I loathed the cheating part on Will, Tru’s boyfriend, we all knew it was coming and you can’t ignore the feelings they had for each other. However, I do feel like Tru could have handled this situation as a grown up and told Will she needed time off or something.

The cheating aside, it was a good novel and I enjoyed reading it. The book may have been too long though. I kept waiting for it to wrap up already. I liked the side characters like Stuart, but Jake is the most enjoyable character for me. Tru was stubborn when it came to certain things, but she wasn’t the worst of protagonists. Believe me, I’ve seen worse. If you loathe cheating in fiction, like Jenny does (yup, girl, I think you may pass this one), hate whiny protagonists who can't seem to make up their mind, then it’s probably not for you, even if it was only a one (ok, two) time thing. I managed to look through it and since I enjoyed this book as a whole, I’m looking forward to the next one (since I gathered from somewhere that it will be mostly from Jake's POV) even if its release date is constantly changing >.<<br/>
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