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My Soul to Keep - Rachel Vincent Soul Seekers series is filled with loads of potential. I think it’s like with Vampire Academy­ – the first two books are like build up for the rest of them and that’s when the real action begins. My Soul to Keep was definitely darker and more twisted than the previous ones. It was different, but enjoyed it quite a bit!

“Was I wearing my 'I'm done with my virginity, please get rid of it for me' T-shirt?”

So.. *ahem* I adored Nash in the previous books. He was sweet, understanding, patient, compassionate, protective and sexy. But I didn’t remember him being so horny all the time. Yeah, there was a lot of smooching and smexy going on, but never like this. In addition to making out, this book had some really dark stuff going on from the very start. Things quickly took a turn towards bad and after a while even from bad to worse.

I still think I’m smarter than Kaylee. I mean… Come on, Kaylee! Those balloons? Did you ever think that you were the one who came to that idea in the first place? Why didn’t you consider that possibility? Didn’t it seem familiar? At the first mention of balloons I knew what it was. I didn’t know who the catalyst was to this though and boy did it took me by surprise!

The character who really came to life in this installment was Tod – my snarky, sweet, selfish, yet selfless, handsome reaper. I just love you so much! I didn’t think you’d steal my heart away from Nash, but you did. You’re plain awesome!! I wish we could have had more scenes with Kay’s Dad, too. He is another character I absolutely adore. He knows he made a mistake by leaving her years ago, but now he’s here, trying to make up for the years they lost and he is doing a darn awesome job! LOL @ his attitude and “Go home, Nash!“ comments. Bahahahhaha. Poor Nash…

“I got swirling eyes and the capacity to shatter windows with my bare voice. Tod got teleportation and invisibility. The supernatural world is so far from fair.”

I feel like this is a turning point in this series and for that I’m glad. I want things to go even darker. Hopefully the following books are going to be that and feature more Kaylee’s Father and Tod. *fingers crossed* Oh, and by the way, there was a cover reveal for the third volume. I already purchased it and when I did, it was under 6€ (8$) on TBD and it has books 5 and 6 and Sophie’s novella in it. Quite a great deal, if you ask me and that cover doesn’t hurt my eyes either ;) Anyway, I cannot wait to clear my schedule and read the next one already.

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