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Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1) - Tijan The thing is that Mason and Logan Kane are probably what you’d find in a dictionary if you were to look up ‘trouble’. These two along with their friend Nate don’t mess around. BUT, they’re also synonyms to loyalty, protection and love. Yes, love. If they love someone, they do it with passion and boy did Mase and Sam have passion. I am taken aback by Mason’s hotness, by the way. Every time he walked in, I had to fan myself, literally. He is soooooo hawt!! And Logan is hilarious!

“I run to run." (meaning: she runs physically to run away emotionally.)

It’s funny, because I cried more than once while I was reading Broken and Screwed, but I didn’t while I was enjoying this one. It’s so much darker and really twisted. I really liked different types of characters and their interactions. I loved how Mason and Sam have a relationship that has nothing to do with being step-siblings, but at the same time Sam has a bond with Logan too. After I finished FCH, I stalked Tijan’s FB page and read the teasers (oh, my, by the way!!) and there were lots of comments regarding Mason-Sam-Logan and not one person mentioned wanting Logan and Sam to be romantically linked so I hope Tijan takes that into consideration while writing the sequel.

As for the other characters, most of them were douches. Especially Sam’s Mom, Jessica, Miranda and almost everyone else. I still had fun watching them do stupid stunts and be teenagers, even if sometimes these intrigues were over the top. What do you expect from an elite school in literature anyway? Exactly! Oh, and what was up with Becky? That girl was seriously too obsessed with gossip. If she were to turn half as much attention to herself, just maybe she’d get the guy of her dreams. She’d give Gossip Girl a run for one’s money.

Ahhh, and that not-cliff-hanger-cliff-hanger? I want to know what happens next so bad, I can’t even tell you how much. All these feelings. *gaaahh* I literally thought about FCH for two days straight after finishing it and I re-read my favorite parts over at least three times if not more. The funny remarks, snarky attitudes, hot smexy scenes, layered characters – it was really good. I didn’t expect to like this book so much. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Tijan on GR. Since she’s just in the beginning of her writing career, there’s room for improvement, but the potential is remarkable. I didn't mind the somewhat makes-no-sense plotlines and these not so advanced vocabulary and storytelling issues, because I got so sucked into the story that I didn't even bother to turn my attention to everything imperfect. I give thumbs up to this one! (On a side note: yuck on the cover.)

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