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Down to You - M. Leighton I think this one was pretty well-written. When the story kicked off, I was immediately team Cash. He was hawttttt *fans self* Then we meet Nash, he was nice and okay, but something about Cash really got to me. He was charismatic, intriguing and mysterious. Seems like I haven't gotten over the appeal of a mysterious love interest. Hmhh.. I thought I was over that. Ok, moving on. Of course we all hate Olivia's cousin Marissa who was a total a-hole in a woman's body. That biatch was nasty, I tell you. I did saw the main twist coming since there were a few plot holes, but it was still awesome to get that conformation. The ending was a cliff hanger, but since the sequel was already out, I wasn't devastated, instead I was rather happy that I could dive into the sequel right away. I found this one to be really enjoyable and if you want an intriguing, smexy NA read, pick this up and give it a try.

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