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Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1) - Calia Read I find it great to discover new authors and Calia Read definitely delivered it for me with this book. I had it on my tbr shelf for quite some time and finally decided to pick it up a few months ago. It was practically a one day read for me and I quite enjoyed this thrilling ride of chemistry and seduction.

“She sketched this moment into her mind, because nothing could be so perfect. Nothing could stay right, and last.”

The story. We have Severine as our MC and while being in a café with her friend, she meets two brothers. Two very hot brothers at that. Thayer and Macsen are every girl’s dream and she picks both of their interest. One she likes, the other just infuriates her. One likes her, the other not so much. However, there’s just something about that other guy that Severine can’t put her finger on. Something that enflames her and as the masks come off, she has to make a decision – set herself free with the true owner of her heart or continue to pretend in this relationship that’s bound to end up as a shipwreck.

My thoughts. I was so team Thayer, you have no idea! That guy was hot and hidden behind all that hotness was actually a genuine heart, a good brain and on top of that, he was also a great basketball player. A full package! I liked Macsen, but I didn’t found him to have that much chemistry with Severine so team Thayer it was. Even though I was frustrated with Severine at times, I was glad that she didn’t cheat even though she was tempted when she wasn’t happy in her relationship with one of the (half-)brothers. Plus it helps that the two men weren't on great terms with their brotherly relationship.

I’m pumped up for the next book to see what happens with everyone and oh, my favorite character aside from Thayer was probably Chris. Hahahaha! He just cracked me up. This book was good and I enjoyed the butterflies-in-my-stomach and swoon-worthy moments by my guy – Thayer – and I also can’t wait for that Thayer’s POV which takes place in the future. Yay! I would have liked Severine to stand up for herself before and end the relationship with the one she didn't choose, but the tension between her and the brother she chose at the end was so delicious, that I often overlooked it. Also, I liked that these people actually studied. College isn't all parties--you have to pass in your classes you know. Lol. They even had study groups which was awesome.

Every Which Way didn’t make me cry so I can’t give that extra point for that, but I had fun with it even though Severine was somewhat of a nutjob for me at times. I’d recommend it to all New Adult lovers out there and it’s perfect for the summer season. I’m excited for the companion novel and what’s next to come for these characters since most of them sneaked their way into my heart and I’m sure they all have more stories to be told.

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