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Connected (Connections #1) - Kim Karr I’m a cover-whore. I admit it. I love covers and what can I say? I like when they support the story inside. However, I’m a little hard on the details. The girl on the cover of Connected has dark hair – guess what? We have a blond MC. For some people it’s not a problem, but unfortunately it is for me. Other than that, the cover is gorgeous.

It sounded so awesome and I couldn’t wait to read it. My favorite scene was Dahl and River’s first meeting. Least favorite? Everything else. There were only make-out or sensual sex scenes or Ben vs. River thoughts inside the MC's head. Booooooooring *yawn*

I had a hunch on that ending. It was a DNF for me on 60%, from there I just skimmed the rest of the pages and read diagonally. Such a shame…

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