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Never Too Far - Abbi Glines What worked for this one was the dual POV. The book itself and the storyline were somewhat predictable. I came to loathe Blaire’s father even more and Nan — Rush’s sister… Oh, boy! I don’t even have the strength to talk about her. She’s an addition to my most-hated-characters list. Rush and the rest of the co were great except for Blaire, who once again, caused drama with her insecurities. It was appealing when we first met her, but now it was just too much. I became tired of her attitude and thoughts rather quickly.

I didn’t see all of the twists coming and I may have shed a few tears. I still think that this series is too adult in the steamy scenes and the smexy volume is turned wayyyyy too loud. I want to read Woods’ story more than Forever Too Far. I’ve come to love Woods as a side character and I can’t wait for him to find his own happiness and spend more time with him in Twisted Perfection. Did you guys love Woods' story? Overall, if you’re a fan of Abbi, I advise you to pick this series up. It may be a little too adult for my taste, but the rest of the world seems to be crazy about this series so… yeah.

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