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April Showers (April, #1) - Karli Perrin I didn't remember anything from the blurb going into this one, but when I cracked it open, what I found was insta-attraction. I can totally deal with that. I liked the mystery guy and I enjoyed April and Isaac's banter. Then we have Lukas, the best-friend-material kind of guy who quickly becomes April's rock. I wanted more of that relationship to find her feelings towards him believable.

I can't talk about my feelings regarding April, her choices or anything regarding this book without mild spoilers. If you don't want to read them, stop now and scroll to the last paragraph. Ok, here we go.

I had a feeling about Isaac when he mentioned students getting out of hand at the parties. We soon find out that he's April's tutor. I was glad to see that April stood up for herself. However, when she cried about him and dreamed about the guy for weeks, thought about him constantly, it became too much. Did these two have chemistry? Yes. However, they had spent 5 minutes one morning and then one night at the first party of the schoolyear together and now she's mad that he "lied" to him about not being a student. Then.. she starts to lead on Lukas who she doesn't even have such strong feelings for. Sleeps with him and thinks that maybe she did rush indeed with getting it on so soon when all she can really think about is Isaac. Well, girl, you should have thought about it sooner.

When Lukas comes to tell her something quite shocking (which I didn't see coming), she freaks out. Cries her heart out for multiple days, doesn't attend any classes and drinks herself to obliviation. Wtf, April?! You love Isaac, you are obsessed with him and you like Lukas, yes, but he's more of a best friend to you. So now you're so terribly frustrated and sad and betrayed? I understand betrayed and being angry, but the girl just cried and cried and cried. Then she jumps right into Isaac when Lukas is out of sight. It just pissed me off. The love interests were pretty cliché though with their compliments and dialogue.

Ok, final paragraph. April just made wrong decision after wrong decision and I get that people aren't flawless and it's easy to judge looking at it from the sidelines, but she was so.. frustrating to spend time with. I was totally team Isaac. Lukas was nice and everything, but some people just don't have that spark with their love interests and I think it wasn't so much Lukas's fault, but the thing was that Isaac and April had that natural, effortless chemistry. I wish April had more of a backbone and did wright by her not what was expected of her. Isaac offered her so many possibilities to take their relationship and give both of them what they wanted, but she always complained and didn't fight for her feelings, his feelings. Their feelings. I hope she will in #2. I have theories about the sequel when it comes to the ending and who did this, what'll happen etc. I don't know if I'll give the sequel a try, but since this was a debut and I hope the plot and the characters will improve, I may give it another chance.