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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout O_o Just now realised I don't have a review here. I wanted to post the one on my blog, but I wrote that basically when I had just started my blog so it's kinda spoilery with the beginning and doesn't really discuss anything.

OK, you all probably know what this one is about. I like how Katy is a relatable character, her enthusiasm about books, relationship with her mom, snarky attitude and sarcastic comments in addition to having a strong backbone make her a great character. She's selfless and always tries to make everyone around her happy. Dee is a great best friend--love, love, love her! Daemon--well, I know some of you have that 'he's such a jerk' thing going on for him. I, as ashamed as I am to admit it, fall into the category of his fangirls. Omg, I can't believe I just wrote that *runs away* I read Shadows for the first time this week and it explains perfectly why he is the way he is. I really enjoyed watching him and Kat grow throughout the novel. Even while re-reading, I can't help but fall in love with their banter and realization of their feelings towards each other.

So far I've read the first two + Shadows and this one is my favorite. I'll get into re-reading Onyx right after I finish this review and I know I said in Onyx's review that it was even better than Obsidian, well.. I kinda want to take back those words, I like Obsidian better. I love this world of Luxens and Arums and I can't wait to finally start Opal so I can read Origin when it comes out this month. Whoop, whoop! Plus, what could be more perfect? Origin realeses a day before my birthday on August 27th and here's my THANK YOU, JEN! for giving me an early b-day gift;) Heh.