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Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer I had a blast reading Nightshade and since I’m not a fan of wolves then it was a total surprise for me. I found Calla to be a strong heroine and both wolf packs – the Nightshades as well as the Banes – were full of awesome characters. The world was intriguing and a lot happened in the first installment. Unfortunately, the sequel somewhat suffered from the second book syndrome. Let’s get into detail, shall we?

“Staring at the wreckage of the life we could have had, I knew it wasn't about love or Shay or the Searchers now. It was about sacrifice and redemption, loss that could have new meaning.”

The story. Sooo.. after what happened at the end of Nightshade we know Calla has to fight even more and in a new environment she has to cope with trust issues and dividing her heart between what she has and what she could have had. Even more secrets are revealed and absolutely nothing is as it seems. What Calla thought was right turns out to be a lie and it’s up to her to save the ones she loves.

My thoughts. Oh-kay.. So.. My favorite character was missing 95% of the book so I had to find new characters to enjoy. Well, hello Ethan, Connor, Adne and, surprisingly, Sabine! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d enjoy her character. I quite honestly disliked her throughout the entire first book, but now I see where she’s coming from and her relationship with Calla improved a ton. She became one of my favorites in Wolfsbane. Shay – the most boring “hot” love interest ever *yawns* I also wish Calla could have coped with her “feelings” a little better. She made her bad, now she has to lay in it. At times I wondered how come she’s an alpha if she didn’t think about her pack at all when all that jazz went down at the end of Nightshade. Hmh.. Giiiiirl, you better get you act together, is all I'm saying!

90% of the time it was all talk and only two action scenes. I mean, it’s book two and one should have more action going on. I understand that we basically saw the world from a completely different point of view considering where Calla found herself when Wolfsbane started, but still.. It should have been more action-packed, not a filler book to lead us to the final battle. The love triangle.. adjksfjafoaijisjaoisjia. Seriously.. I was just so mad at Shay and I just don’t like the dude at all so I found myself two new pairings to root for and one of them was Adne and Connor. I think they are my OTP of this series and I don’t think it’s a spoiler since you have to be blind if you don’t “see” the way Connor looks at Adne. They’re perfect, le sigh.

At the end of the day I liked this book, but I found Nightshade stronger. The dialogue is good and the characters, mostly, are pretty well written, however, I think this one could have been more action-packed. I had one I-didn’t-see-that-coming moment with Ren and his storyline, but other than that I didn’t find the rest of the revelations that surprising. I just expected more from this story.

PS. By now, I've read the final book and my review will be up soon.

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