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Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep Really, really enjoyed this one. It wasn't as steamy as the first one, but Gin has definitely improved from being a sassy assassin (hahaha, it's funny if you say it quickly) to becoming a woman who helps because it's right and tries to help by being Karma's little helper through payback to the bullies of Ashland.

I was surprised by the twists and turns this book provided and quite pleasently at that. The events take place throughout a very short period of time, but so much stuff happens that it honestly feels longer than a few days. I'm glad that we got more scenes with Jo-jo and Sophia. We got to see different sides to all of the main characters and I enjoyed the banter and easy-going relationship between Gin and her so-called family of friends. I'm also glad that Violet and Eva somewhat became Gin's friends and I hope we'll see more of them in the following books. Gin taps more into her powers of ice and stone and her magic will do pretty crazy things in Web of Lies.

And what would my books be without some romance? There's a hint of a new romance between Gin and a guy named Owen whom I adore *fangirl alert* Did I like detective Donovan Cane in book #1? Yes, the smexy scenes were hot! I just think he's a coward for not giving Gin a chance and judging her by her ruthless reputation. There is no way I'm staying on a shinking ship so I bought myself a ticked to Gin-and-Owen-happily-ever-after-land and that's where I'm hoping this ship will sail.

Overall, it was a decent installment, I'm looking forward to next one which I'll probably start soon, if not tomorrow. I feel like the story just got going and I can't wait to see what's next to come! If you're a fan of Georgina Kincaid (by Richelle Mead), for instance, give this series a try! It's great urban fantasy and I'm so glad there're so many books in this series and I don't have to say goodbye to Gin and her friends for at least another 7 books.