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Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep I 'read' an audiobook and can tell you that I enjoyed it thoroughly. I felt the emotion behind Gin's story and liked her kick-ass, snarky personality. She keeps her friends close and while this is a story of revenge, payback and finding the bad guys, she gets her fair share of friendship, romance and lust. Not love, but definitely lust.

While I liked the romance and the scenes that could have very well been extremely awkward were read in the best possible way, I am not a huge fan of Donovan Caine. Especially how he treated Gin in the scene where they got it on. I hope things will improve between the two, but if they don't, I won't be unhappy about it.

I loved Gin's friendship with Finn and it was probably one of the best parts of the story for me in addition to the crime-mystery theme that was going on. I hope to continue with this series sometime soon. If you're a fan of urban fantasy and enjoy an older version of Rose Hathaway, give this a go! The world is unique, intriguing and pretty awesome. I give thumbs up for this one!