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Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High, #2) - Tijan Even though I read the first book Fallen Crest High recently, I felt like it took forever for the sequel to be published. I was in the middle of reading or listening to 4 books in total and it didn’t really stop me from starting Fallen Crest Family as soon as it loaded on my Kindle. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was I disappointed? Unfortunately, yes.

"I won't get run off from you. I love you, Sam. I said it before and I mean it. I won't let your mom control my life."

The story. The sequel follows Samantha and her step brothers. She has a romantic relationship with one of the brothers and a brother-sister relationship with the other. Sam and Mase have quite a few obstacles ahead of them and number one being Sam's crazy-a mom Analise. Their parents are all mixed up in this crazy relationship that affects their kids and the kids’ friends-enemies don’t make the whole mess better either. If you’re willing to give this series a try, expect a lot of drama and crazy coming your way.

My emotions. Look, I am a huge fan of Sam and Mason’s relationship and I adore their chemistry. Did I expect lots of make-out scenes and their romance blossoming even more? Yes, I did. I just didn’t think it’d take about half of the book describing the feelings Mase created in Sam. *falls asleep* I liked that their relationship wasn’t all about the sexual chemistry in this book, but rather it evolved into something deeper and I truly believed them when they expressed their love. I also enjoyed Logan’s friendship with Sam which unfortunately wasn’t there that much. Oh, and I really, really like that new girl Heather. Sam needs a great friend and I can tell you that I like her a hell of a lot better than that Becky chick who's the second coming of Gossip Girl *rolls eyes* She's the kind of friend you don't want to have and I think Sam is too generous to constantly forgive her.

So what disappointed me the most, you ask? Hmh.. Let’s just say that Sam’s mother Analise seemed like a lunatic before, but now she’s an even bigger mystery to me. The whole 11-year-old-Sam-and-her-mom plot felt so off to me, I didn’t connect to that at all. I felt like there were plot wholes throughout that entire storyline and I why didn't we see that coming? There was not even a mention of this jazz in book one so it felt more random than anything to be brought up now out of nowhere. Moreover, nothing else happened in this book that we didn’t know before. Sam and Mason love each other, Logan and Mase excepted Sam into their family. Analise is a lost case as are the rest of the trio’s parents. Also, Sam just became so girly and emotional and.. weak. In #1 she stood up for herself and didn't take BS from anyone, but now.. I knew she would break down at some point though what with shutting out all her emotions.

To sum up my thoughts, I’d say that I liked it, but I expected more. I didn’t connect with Sam in her ‘tragic’ childhood drama she had to relive and I didn’t feel like the story progressed anywhere. However, I read the original 4 chapters on Tijan’s Wattpad and I think that re-drafting and re-writing this book benefited in this case. If you're up for a crazy ride of drama and rich kids, this series may be the one for you. I can tell you that the first installment is anything like the New Adult novels as we've come to know them. Even though I found this installment to be just meh and okay, I am very much looking forward to what comes next for this bunch of lunatics. LOL. That sounded funny, haha.


Original review: June 21st!!! Cannot. Wait. Any. Longer. Need. To. Know. What. Happens. Next. And yes, pardon me, I did just type words like a morse code. I'm just so exciteeeeddd *bounces around, giggling*

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