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Spider’s Revenge (Elemental Assassin, #5) - Jennifer Estep I was beginning to worry it was going to be like Pretty Little Liars (show) which rides on a train named Destination: Nowhere. I thought killing Mab was going to be a battle/victory for the last book, but Estep surprised me with Gin going after the fire elemental in book 5 already. It went down pretty well all things considered. I really enjoyed this one as well and I think it's probably the best book so far since so much happened. As you've probably gathered from my updates and reviews, I'm head-over-heels in love with Owen Grayson who yet again proved he's worthy of being with Gin. And finally someone dropped the L-bomb;) Whohoo!! I love how Gin's friends, former-enemies-turned-to-allies and everyone she has protected from Mab and her wrath gathered up their courrage and put their heads on the block as she went into the battle and backed her up. These friends are keepers, I say! I wonder what happens next, especially regarding the ending. It sets up the next books nicely and I can't wait to explore this series to full length:)