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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire This review can also be found on my blog.

"Beautiful Disaster" is either a book to hate or love. I tend to do the last one. Not that it’s my favorite read (lately). No, definitely not, but it’s such and interesting and absorbing story. The author concentrates on telling the story of Abby and Travis (as well as Shep and America). It’s not the easiest relationship. It’s rather complicated. They’re the total opposites of one another, but both have a complicated past.

Abby is literally running from her past with America, trying to turn a new page, but with Travis, it all seems to come crushing down. She’s honest with him and straightforward. Tells him everything she thinks. No one does that. Travis listens to her and likes her honesty. He’s intrigued as Abby's not doing everything to get his attention and she’s not melting on every word he says. She stands on her ground even if it hurts Travis. They become good friends, but due to different circumstanses they have to share a bed and they spend all their free time together. But Travis isn’t the only one who’s being hit on, there’s a line behind Abby and it’s not something Travis’s happy excactly happy about. The question is: what can he do to win her over, because she seems to like him only as a friend and the shadows of her past haunt her when she’s with him and she definitely does not want to be another trofey of his.

I believe that a lot of the readers cannot stand their love-hate relationship, frown upon his impulsive nature and think that Abby should have walked away a long time ago. However, I think that no relationship is perfect and every person is one’s own, excactly like every relationship is different. Travis gave up a lot of his vices to prove to Abby and himself that he can be the better person. Travis was not the only one guilty in the fights they had. I’m not a psychologist or a counselor and a lot of you are right, form different aspects they are complitely wrong for each other, but at the same time they’re so right for each other.

It was hard to put the book down, because at the end of every chapter there were awesome cliff hangers and there were some big moments in every chapter as well. I liked it. It was refreshing to read such an emotional story about life and not to get distracted by supernatural elements. Everything is not always so black and white as it seems. There are highs and lows in friendships. Also, in love. It’s up to us to solve the problems and learn from them. After the dark clouds and deafening thunder there’s usually a ray of sunshine lurking from behind a cloud and a rainbow usually isn’t so far away either.

That being said, it was definitely somewhat an exhausting read, but enjoyable as well.