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Erased - Jennifer Rush OH NO YOU DID NOT CHANGE THAT COVER!!!! Seriously.. These covers were so gorgeous and now it's this? Why? Just... Why? It looks like something I could easily photoshop myself and it doesn't even stand out like the other one did (in my eyes). Plus, now all the people who already own a hardcover copy are going to be pissed. Why was this necessary? The other ones were so awesome and now we have this which has this stupid thunder behind it and it makes it so.. ordinary. Also, where are these ABS? Say whaaaat? They were nice to look at, OK? They were! Now they're.. gone -.- Don't you guys do re-search and read about how people feel about cover changes? It's two freaking books and you feel the need to change the design? That's just marvelous. Ok, enough with the drama queen. It's not horrible, I just liked the other one better and I don't get why they felt like they needed to change it :(