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Everything For Us (The Bad Boys, #3) - M. Leighton I did like this installment, but I didn't get overly emotional. We have new main characters for the final book and I really liked the complex character that was Nash. Also, I found Marissa to be a gorgeous soul by the end of the series, which is an idea that I would have laughed at if you had asked me at the very beginning. She was one nasty bitch when I first started these books. We got our lovely dose of Olivia and Cash and I LOVE these two so so so much!

I found this book to be a little too rushed and perhaps some lack of depth in the romance department, but it had a reason for it which I finally found out. (If you've seen my two updates, you know I was pretty darn anxious to know wth Nash was referring to.) I think what made this one a little flat for me was the same thing I sturggled with in On Dublin Street where the MC-s (especially female ones) assume something and don't talk about what's going on in their head etc and so it causes drama that can be very well avoided or turned down to a minimum, plus the part where you know they'll have to spend some time apart yada yada yada. Overall, it was a good book. The final chapters were great and I loved watching these characters grow.

If you're a fan of the series, definitely give this bad boy and former Queen B of the block a try to convince yourself that they're capable of redeeming themselves.

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