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The Wild Ones (The Wild Ones, #1) - M. Leighton Thanks so much to Valerie from Stuck In Books and the author--M. Leighton for providing me with an e-copy thanks to a giveaway won on Val's blog. I had heard-seen the praise for this book and was glad to finally jump into it. I thought about writing a full review, but I don't see the point since I enjoyed it, but I don't have that much to say in total. The MC-s were both written well, but I'm not a big fan of horses so their common interest in horses didn't.. appeal to me that much? Yep. I liked their relationship and I think the guy MC was great: he was sweet, caring, thoughtful and wicked. I loved him to pieces! I think everything in this novel came to full circle and overall it was a good, short, light read. The female MC was a tad annoying at times, but she had her reasons. I saw the break-up coming from the star what with her dad being against the relationship and there being more obstacles in their way as well, so I just wanted to be over with it, but it went on and on and on.. and on some more! The reunion was sexy though. The best part of this novel was Rusty and Jenna--Cami and Trick's best friends--getting together and I really want to read their movella, however short/long it is. On another note, those covers (even the re-vamped ones) don't appeal to me at all O.o